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Quiet Light Oracle Flags

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7 Intuitive Symbol Flags to guide you. This flag set features my Quiet Light Oracle Symbols. Each symbol has it's own message to guide and support you.

1. Balance

This intuitive symbols is about finding balance in your life. Let it serve as a reminder for you to live your life with meaning and purpose and to find joy in all things. It is so easy to forget these essential life gifts when you are distracted and overwhelmed with life’s responsibilities. Balance is fluid, it is never static. It takes works, but is achievable. Here are some ways that you can bring more balance into your life. Set boundaries, simplify, be present and grounded in the now, say no, self-care, set intentions, connect to nature, breathe deeply and whenever possible put yourself first.

Your body and life are in harmony.

2. Sacred Dream Space  

This symbol represents the space within you where your dreams and life purpose are held in your heart. This is a powerful space filled with your hopes, dreams and vision for your life and soul purpose. When this center is nurtured with self-love and an unwavering belief in yourself, it will raise your vibration and call your dreams to you. Hold true, believe in yourself and feel the life you want to create within you and it will manifest before you.

You create what your heart imagines.

3. Divine Light 

You are made of stardust and the Universe lives within you. When life’s challenges weigh you down and pull you into the shadows, remember your divine light shines eternal. You were born of the stars. You have the power to transcend the night and allow your light to burn bright through the darkness. This symbol is a reminder of that infinite source of love and light and your unlimited potential to rise up and shine.

You are pure magic.

4. Sacred Heart

Love is the spiritual center of your being. It is divine and magical and has the power to transform your life in miraculous ways. When you embrace this love and feel it in your heart, you become a beacon sending the highest vibrational energy out into the Universe. Imagine the power of this energy radiating from you and creating an infinite field of possibility in your life. You alone have the power to transform your life by the simple act of loving yourself.

You are Perfect.

5.Trust Divine Guidance

When life’s journey is in the hands of the Universe, it can take you to magical places; places so big that you may not have dared to dream them for yourself. Let go of expectations and open your heart to true divine guidance. Surrender to the flow of the Universe and step onto it’s magical ride. When you are in the flow of this energy, you will find ease in your decisions and opportunities will be placed before you. Be awake to see them.

You are Infinite

6. Self-Doubt

You were born with everything you need to navigate your way through this life. Somewhere along your path you forgot about your divinity and let your worries and fears into your heart. When you look at this symbol remember that you were born with unlimited potential. The universe wants you to succeed and is always there holding and supporting you. Feel the dream that is in your heart and go out and manifest it into reality. Believe in yourself and know you were born for this.

You are born to shine.

7. Becoming

This intuitive symbol represents the soul that you are becoming. As you take positive steps forward in your life journey, you raise the vibration of your energy. The people and things that are no longer aligned with your new energy begin to fall away. Let  them go, they no longer serve you. Step fully into your new energy and welcome in the people and  gifts waiting for you.

Choose you always.


Printed on luxe watercolor paper and sewn at the top. Each set of flags is strung with twine for hanging. Each individual flag is 5"x 8" and printed front and back.

Printed with archival inks on acid free archival paper. *To avoid fading, keep out of direct sunlight. 

Each flag set is infused with Reiki energy.

Please allow up to 2 weeks for shipping. I try to keep some stock, but may have to create on demand.