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This class is the most beautiful art class experience I have ever had. It is exactly what my soul needed. It helped me to connect to the artist within. I feel like something has broken free in me and I can't wait to keep practicing these techniques. Stephanie's meditation was powerful and gorgeous! I don't usually meditate and I am so glad I gave it a chance. Stephanie's continuous reminders throughout that there are no rules and to let go and just play is what helped me to experience the freedom I've been searching for, for a very long time.


By far my favorite watercolor class on SkillShare! Such beautiful projects and Stephanie’s voice is so relaxing and calming. She is a fantastic teacher, so looking forward to more classes from her! LOVE!


This is one of the best classes I have seen. Stephanie put a lot of effort into organizing and presenting her process, which creates a very rewarding experience. I found her explanation of her technique, and her real-time execution, extremely easy to follow, approach, and implement. Loved seeing the comparison of papers at the end. Can't wait to experience her next class.