The new moon was today and I love performing rituals on this day. Setting intentions is a powerful way to harness energy, but to coordinate it with the new moon amplifies it in a meaningful way. I spent some time preparing for my ritual by writing down and getting very clear about my intentions for the coming month. There are many things that go into rituals that are personal and specific to the person performing them and what their needs are. This is something I will get more specific with later. Today, I just wanted to ease into talking about it here. 

The roses were symbolic and very powerful. I plan on letting them soak up the energy created by the ritual and then make rose water from them that I can use throughout the month to honor my intention and to keep the energy moving. 

I thought it would be nice to use this as a misting spray, but also plan to add it to my painting water and to spray my watercolor paper with it as well.

I love the idea of taking my intentions and creating art with the energy of them. How beautiful is that? This is just one small thing you can do to create tools that help you connect deeply with your art process and Make Art a Sacred Practice. 

A little side note. Did you know that I started my online experience writing a blog? It was 2006 and blogs were just getting popular. It was before Instagram, and before I ever had a clear vision of what my art should be. That's all I had was a vague knowing that I was meant to share something. I had never written before and had no idea what to say. The words started pouring out of me. I shared my struggles with my health and how that affected my life. It was one of the most powerful things I had ever done up to that point. It is where I first combined my art with words and started sharing inspirational messaging. It started me on my journey and eventually brought me here to you. It's been a long time since I've consistently written here, but feel called to it once more. As I create this idea of making art a sacred practice, I feel it is necessary to start sharing again. To start writing down all of the things I have learned during my evolution to this person I've become. 

I decided to start a fresh blog on my new website and leave my old blog behind. I had years and years of posts but felt it was necessary to create some new energy here. Stay tuned my friends. I can't wait to share my stories, rituals, art and creative business with you. 

Oh, I love that I am starting this on the new moon! An auspicious event!



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  • I’m glad you will blogging again and sharing with us. I look forward to reading.

    Dana Barbieri on
  • I like your idea of intention setting and of linking it’s energy through water in your daily life. I look forward to reading more!

    Carolyn on

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