Free Sacred Circle Tutorials

Free Sacred Circle Tutorials

I love creating Sacred Circles and the deeper I go into the process of making and sharing them, the closer I am getting to something that has been calling to me. 

Sounds all mysterious, right?! I have been on this path in my journey for a few years now. There has been this golden thread that has been guiding me and whispering to me. It's a bugger, this elusive thread because it only gives me hints and a glimpse of a very vague future. Let me go back a bit.

I started creating with watercolors around ten years ago to get into art licensing, making products, selling art and prints, etc. It started to work immediately and I had early success. I was so grateful and continued on this path for many years. I grew my business and art licensing revenue consistently. This was amazing but, I was creating art that I thought I should be creating. It was art that represented the way I'd like to feel. It wasn't art that felt like me. I wanted more from my art practice and business. The problem I was facing was that the art was selling and how could I risk changing it to fulfill this desire I had to connect more fully with my art? How could I risk my income and business to follow this pesky little thread that kept wrapping itself around me?

Example of older art

In typical fashion, I took the "leap" only it wasn't a leap, it was small, sweet steps. I listened and started to change my art. I was met with a little outside resistance but pushed through and kept refining my look. I also changed my marketing images and the way I photographed my art. I incorporated a tiny bit at a time, my love for the sacred and my spiritual tools like crystals, and my singing bowls. I started to paint intuitive symbols! That was a huge leap for me. I started to lose followers instead of gaining them. I pressed on and as I progressed the thread lead me further. In the last two years, the shift has been more profound. I started to teach. It's been a slow process but it has opened me up and helped me to think in a completely different way. It's not about me and my business anymore, it's about you and your art practice.

The more aligned I became with my art and the more it felt like me and told my story, the more expansive the energy around it all became. It's not easy to explain. Then it all started to swirl and come together.

My style had become intuitive. It flowed from a pretty magical place. My intuitive florals and landscapes, intuitive symbols, sacred circles, and mantra flags felt sacred to me. The process became the storyteller, not the art, and there it was. All of a sudden, right in front of me was the glowing golden thread. I'm pretty sure it was smiling at me. I followed it, sometimes I felt completely lost, but I listened and did the work. The result has been pretty great.

The licensing work that I worried about losing actually grew along with my business. The followers I lost and continue to lose as I shift away from the pretty florals are being replaced by new followers that resonate with the process more. They are interested in sacred work and how it relates to art and they like the florals too. 

Lol, this was not the post I was expecting to write when I sat down! I planned to just say that I put all of the tutorial videos on YouTube.

I got lost in the meaning of all of this. My point, that I took the long way of getting to is that these Sacred Circles are powerful. This work of making art a sacred practice and finding your way to your soul through your art is powerful. Following a vague and mysterious path to an unknown goal and future just because you have a whisper of a knowing that you are meant for something different is powerful.

You are powerful!

I created these free Sacred Circle tutorial videos to help you to find a space within you to connect to your spirit. This space is calming and peaceful and will give you breathing room and insights. At the minimum, it will provide the benefits of a mindfulness or meditation practice.

Interested? You can find all of my free Sacred Circle videos on my YouTube Channel.

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