New Moon in Gemini and my 50th year approaches

New Moon in Gemini and my 50th year approaches

I launched my first online class today. It was many months in the making. As with all of my projects it was a slow build. It swirled around in my head for quite a while and slowly built up momentum. Before I realized, it was like a freight train and that's all I could think about. Then, poof, it's here. 

I planned on today being productive. I was busy with the launch for an hour or two and then poof, I was on the couch in full on sloth mode. lol. I decided not to give myself a hard time and just go with it. I was so busy and then so not busy that I forgot today was the New Moon. Once I remembered I pulled myself up and spent a little time honoring her with a ritual. This New Moon is special to me. It the Gemini Moon and it's my moon. I will be turning 50 during this moon cycle. I still can't believe it.















For this ritual, I kept it very simple. First, I lit a candle and put on some essential oils and saged. Then, I wrote down what I was hoping for this coming month and my 50th year. I folded it up and placed it in my singing bowl that is full of dried roses. I placed rose quartz over it and filled my altar with crystals. Then I played my singing bowls and recited a little spell and prayed for the things written on the paper to manifest. I'm going to keep the paper in the bowl of roses and burn it on my birthday. This whole ritual only took a few minutes, but it cleared away the heavy energy of my day. I spent a couple of minutes outside on this dark night and honored the New Moon in Gemini.


I looked up the meaning of this Gemini Moon on Mystic Mamma's Instagram.

This NEW MOON in GEMINI encourages us to activate our engagement with the larger patterns that shape our destiny, in a way that is much more empowering than the world dictates.⁣

She asks us to consider how we can show up for ourselves in the outer world, from our inside place. ⁣

Gemini’s directive is like a butterfly asking us to emerge from the darkness of our cocoons and let our colorful wings unfold. Gemini wants to engage with the sensations of external feedback that twinning offers.⁣

Within the Gemini matrix, we exist in multiple worlds simultaneously, in this world of form at hand and in the world beyond form.⁣

We can also witness the opposing aspects of Self, the contradictions that exist within our very own natures.⁣

There are myriad prisms of reflection that Gemini brings, each one a twinning mirror with the gift of helping us see ourselves more accurately.⁣

Let’s allow this incoming preponderance of AIR energy to sweep through our spaces and bring fresh new clarifying winds. Open the windows!⁣

I am not your typical Gemini. I think I am more like my Scorpio Moon sign. I'm pretty introverted which makes the call of the butterfly hard for me but I can't deny that I am feeling it's time to come out and let the light shine on me. I love the darkness of my cocoon, lol. But, I know I have to let my wings unfold. It's funny with the class starting, I am definitely getting my external feedback too.

I do identify with my air element though and I feel it swirling around me these days. I feel it's wind calling me to wake up. We are all being called to rise out of our long winter slumber and Covid comas. Is there anything you are being called to this month? Does any of this resonate with you? Happy Gemini New Moon.

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