Intuitive Watercolor Floral I: Get Grounded



Learn the foundational techniques I use to paint in my washy, soulful style. 

There is so much more to this style than just the techniques, together we will walk through the entire creative process. Learning to paint isn’t just about technical knowledge, it is also about quieting the mind and feeling your way through. As we let the materials do the work, we learn to let go of our need to control the outcome and surrender to the creative process, allowing our souls to tell their story.


This class is suitable for all levels. We will begin with simple basic painting techniques to create a strong foundation and build on those techniques in the intermediate and advanced classes.

In this first class, we discuss getting grounded and building a strong foundation. Together, we will walk through the following lessons:

  • Creative tools I use in my workshops and business
  • Spiritual creative tools like crystals and smudging with white sage to clear your creative space and deepen your art practice
  • Prepare for your art session with a grounding meditation
  • Create simple leaf and flower shapes with the use of brushwork
  • Build interest and beauty within those shapes using color blending and dripping techniques
  • Add depth to your art by overlapping shapes
  • Allow the materials to do the work
  • Practice letting go of control and surrendering to the process
  • Get comfortable with the techniques and begin to work with your intuition

Let’s begin our journey together!

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